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What is TiviMate Premium?

TiviMate lets you watch IPTV on your Android phone or tv. The free version allows you to link and stream IPTV content, but you won’t have access to many features. With the premium version, you can view the content more easily and you get that by downloading the TiviMate Premium APK.

The premium version has many advantages over the free version. It comes with a program scheduler, so you never miss an episode, favorites so you don’t have to scroll through thousands of channels every day, and parental controls to limit the content your child can access.

TiviMate Premium APK Features

Multiple Playlist

With TiviMate Premium APK, you can link multiple IPTV services. That means you can watch stuff from all over the world. The app also lets you set different EPGs for different playlists. As a result, you will be able to access the content in a convenient and flexible manner.


TiviMate premium’s catch up feature makes it more reliable since users can watch any past episode whenever they want. Since the platform stores the content of channels, users don’t have to worry about missing anything. The Catch-u button has to be on the channel detail page for this to work.

Starts Last channel

Start last channel is extremely useful for those who might get interrupted while watching a channel. Their watching journey can be resumed quickly without having to search for the same channel again. In addition to saving time, this improves the viewing experience as well.

Customizable Appearance

With the Appearance feature, you can customize the look and feel of the app. Font size, background color, even selection color can be customized. You can do the same thing with subtitles. Watching the content is easier this way.


TiviMate premium offers another unique feature that sets it apart from other IPTV players. It lets you customize the buffer size, which is great for those experiencing buffering or stuttering when watching live TV. If you increase the buffer to Very Large, then a long duration of video will be downloaded to deal with buffering.

Scheduled Recordings

TiviMate’s Scheduled Recording lets you record any upcoming show, all you have to do is open the channel’s program list and hit the record button. So when the show starts, it’ll be recorded. In other words, you can switch to any other channel and your program will be recorded.

Backup and Restore

There’s also a backup and restore option in TiviMate Premium. You can find it in settings. You can backup your playlists, favorites, and preferences just in case your app gets deleted or you switch devices. The backup file can be saved locally. If you want to restore, you can either use USB or Google Drive, Dropbox link.

Easy IPTV Integration

The player makes it easy to integrate IPTV service. In the app, they’re called playlists. It’s so easy to add. There are three options to intergrate: via M3U link, Xtream code, and Stalker Portal. The M3U link is the easiest. All you have to do is put the M3U link with that comes with username and password and it’s done. This is how you add IPTV to TiviMate.

Parental Controls

There’s a parental control feature in TiviMate Premium that lets you protect your kids. With the 4 digit pin, you can restrict what channels can be accessed. This way, you can be sure your kid is only getting age-appropriate content.

How to install TiviMate Premium APK?

If you want to enjoy these amazing features for free, you’ll need to install TiviMate Premium Mod APK. Here’s how you install TiviMate Premium on Android. For Android TV, the process is similar.

The APK file is all you need to get started. Click on the download button above to get it.

You might need to enable Third Party installation on your Android device. You can do this by going to the settings on your device and looking for ‘Unknown Source’. It’ll let you install your downloaded file.

Go back and tap on the file you downloaded. Tap ‘Install’ to give permission for installation. It might take a few minutes to install. As soon as the process is done, you’ll be able to use Tivimate Premium.


TiviMate Premium is a great app for Android users who want to watch IPTV channels. The detailed features it provides make it one of the top IPTV players. Since it’s so popular, now it’s on Amazon Fire TV too, so it’s a great news for Fire TV users.

Once you install the app, you just have to add the playlist. Then It’ll show you a list of channels. You’ll see a menu on the left side. In settings, you can access premium features to make your viewing experience better. Also download the TiviMate Companion app.

Last Updated: May 4, 2024