TiviMate for Windows

Download the ZIP file

Download and Install TiviMate Windows

  1. Download the ZIP file by clicking on the above download button. Extract it. It contains two file; an APK file and a Bluestacks Android emulator file.
  2. Now, Install the Bluestacks as you normally install other softwares on Windows.
  3. Once you have launch Bluestacks, Go to My Game > Click Install Local APK. Now, Drag the APK file to the Emulator window. The emulator will ensure that it is the APK file of TiviMate and will automatically recognize it and begin with the installation process.
  4. In this step, you must configure TiviMate with the IPTV’s provider details. Open the TiviMate app in the Android emulator and then navigate to its settings. There you have to add all the required details like the URL, username, or password your IPTV service provided you. Once you complete filling in all the credentials, save them and let the TiviMate connect to the IPTV service. You can also get free TiviMate Playlist.

Tips and Considerations

We have come up with some additional tips and considerations that you can opt for to have a seamless entertaining experience with the TiviMate. 

  • First and foremost, you need a stable internet connection to have a smooth TivMate installation process. 
  • Ensure you download the TiviMate from a credible source to avoid any security risks. 
  • If you want to have a smooth operation of TiviMate, ensure your device meets the minimum system requirements to avoid ambiguity. 
  • Keep an eye on recent updates for the emulator or the TiviMate so you can get your hands on the latest features.

Also Download on Android: TiviMate Premium

What is TiviMate?

Imagine you are a TV enthusiast and have been allowed to play your favorite TV shows with just a few taps on a window device. We understand that not everyone wants to access endless entertainment on a smartphone because screen size matters a lot while enjoying your favorite content. 

TiviMate is an amazing application/player specifically designed to enhance the IPTV streaming experience for TV enthusiasts. TiviMate is a gateway between your device and IPTV service, allowing you to have your favorite TV channels on your preferred device.

The most profound feature that differentiates it from any other IPTV player is its built-in electronic program guide which gives a guide and organizes your favorite channels so you don’t have to be in the hassle of endless scrolling.

TiviMate Windows Features

Beginner friendly interface

TV channels can be searched by their names using the search functionality in iSTB. You can search channels by categories by putting a name like ‘Sports’, and you’ll see all the channels that are related to Sports Live TV.

In-built EPG integration

As we mentioned above that TiviMate is quite beginner friendly. This friendly interface is because this application integrates with EPG. So EPG is the electronic program guide that shows all the available channels and program schedules, so you don’t have to scroll all day to get the desired content on screen.

Customized channel list

Not everyone enjoys watching everything, right? Considering it, TiviMate has the profound feature of making a customized channel list that suits your preferences. So if you like watching sports only, make a customized channel list of sports and hide the other stuff.


No matter whether you are a Tv enthusiast or have just landed in the entertainment industry. You are going to love Tovimate, especially on the big screen. But it is not easy to sit. To enjoy your favorite Tv shows and channels, go through all the steps mentioned above and have a seamless Tv entertainment experience. Happy binge-watching.


Yes, why not? You can install TiviMate on your PC by installing an Android emulator, which lets you enjoy TiviMate on a Pc or laptop.

What else is TiviMate for? You can make a customized channel and playlist of your favorite Tv shows and channels on the TiviMate. You may need TiviMate Premium for this.

Last Updated: May 28, 2024