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TiviMate Channel List [Complete Setup Guide] 2024

  • TiviMate Subscription gives you access to a large number of TV channels.
  • All the Channels are organized into categories and by country.
  • You can download the TiviMate Channel list in PDF.

If you need help sticking to one channel and finding something fascinating to watch, TiviMate is for you! Many cable television networks claim to offer a wide range of channels, yet they frequently need to catch up. However, we guarantee that the ultimate TiviMate Channel List will provide exceptional amusement.

Let us go over a detailed explanation of what TiviMate Channel List is and what it offers in terms of pure pleasure.

TiviMate Channels
No more scrolling to find the particular channel you want. With TiviMate, you can be the driver of your TV ride.

TiviMate Complete Channel List

When you subscribe to TiviMate, you get access to a variety of TV Channels based on categories like Movies & TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids and Music. Here is a complete list of channels you can download.

Editing the TiviMate Channel List

Let’s first discuss the TiviMate Channel List Editor before moving on to the most basic method of altering the TiviMate channel list.

Navigate to Settings to open the editor. Choose Manage Channels from the Settings menu. You may rely on TiviMate to edit, manage, remove, relocate, or scroll all the channels.

Removing Channels

You can maintain the channels you want and delete the ones you don’t use the TiviMate Channel List. Choose the channels you want from the list and click the Trash Icon to do this. The channel will be removed if you proceed and continue to choose that option.

Creating Groups

Additionally, it has excellent potential for letting you arrange channels according to your preferences. Press the Add a Playlist option to see the menu to create a group. Next, name the group and add each channel according to its genre. You can group things by genre or quality (HD or SD).

Reshuffling Channels

You can reorder the channels in the list in addition to all the customizing. The channel can be easily moved by dragging it to the desired location. You can set up an order for the channels you wish to watch together and arrange them all in the same way.

Adding Extra Playlists

Last, you can include external playlists with this TiviMate Channel List. You must select Add a Playlist one more and then Choose File. You can add anything you have, including files and URLs, to have a wonderful experience.

What is TiviMate?

TiviMate is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) expansion that provides a superb user experience with your chosen channels and services. TiviMate offers the best features to thousands of users to enhance their TV viewing experience. You may quickly record your preferred television programs and view the movies you love and your TiviMate recordings without pauses using your internet connection to ensure a seamless experience.

Key Features of TiviMate Channel List

TiviMate is renowned for its flawless selection of channels from every genre, including news, sports, movies, and action. Whether you enjoy reading books, watching sports, or playing video games, TiviMate has many channels.

The following features are available in the TiviMate Channel List:

Exceptional Picture Quality

You need to remember when television stations were blurry, low-quality images. Today, you may watch many episodes every day in the highest possible picture quality. The channels on every device are in 4K HD and evident.

Multi-device Use

TiviMate is now available for several devices. The same account is accessible on your iPad, TV, and smartphone. Additionally, it is entirely feasible to stream all the channels on all devices conveniently. TiviMate iOS lets you stream your favorite tv shows using your Ipad, iPhone or Macbook.

Friendly Interface

Utilizing TiviMate is simple. The features are unquestionably quite basic and are easily managed. You can freely surf and scroll through all of your favorite channels. Nothing seems to be more accessible than the experience TiviMate provides you with.

Easy Shuffle of Channels

You can quickly choose your preferred channel by scrolling through the available ones. The channels are flawlessly set up according to your preferences. You don’t have to organize things in the sequence the software suggests; you can do it as you like.

Video on Demand

TiviMate provides an offer of VOD for all the users interested in watching their desired shows. It includes on-demand movies, drama serials, entertainment shows, and live sports matches without any hustle. If you missed out on a program due to your busy schedule, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything.

EPG Integrated Channels

TiviMate’s extensive channel list also provides EPG (Electronic Program Guide) integration. This feature informs the consumers about the past and upcoming programs on the channels they are watching. It is an outstanding feature as you know what you missed and what you can watch in the future.

You may also view TiviMate Channels simultaneously under a single subscription on multiple screens.

Types of Channels

This particular IPTV subscription offers channels for all age groups. Whether you are tired of your busy schedule or just a kid getting bored when you return from school, TiviMate is here for all of you!

TiviMate Channel List consists of the following categories:

Entertainment Channels

It includes all the channels for playing movies, tv shows, seasons, and live entertainment shows, for example, Comedy stand-ups and hosting shows. The list also includes channels of all languages and all countries.

Kids Channels

It includes a series of channels that play kids’ cartoons, movies, educational plays, and much more. TiviMate also allows parental control on all the channels you don’t want your kids to see.

Sports Channels

Whether you are a die-hard football fan or in love with cricket matches, you can watch them all go live anytime. It has a stream of sports channels, including all the sports and countries. You could catch all matches of your favorite team while partnering with TiviMate.

News Channels

Get alerts about whatever is happening throughout the globe in seconds. It doesn’t matter where you live; you will not only have the news of your location. Instead, TiviMates channels will provide you with an update on all the things that are happening all over the world.

Lifestyle Channels

Lifestyle channels include travel documentaries, interesting cooking shows, and home improvement blogs that can help you. We are here for you if you are interested in such shows and feel relaxed while watching them!

Music Channels

A mix of channels with music is included in the list as well. Whether you love English, Urdu, Pashto, or Arabic, TiviMate covers it. Songs of all types and genres will serve you in our diverse channels.

International Channels

Lastly, you may worry about channels needing to be on your location radar. Worry no more! As TiviMate now has access to all external playlists and channels too. In this way, you could catch a show played on a channel anywhere in the world. You can also upgrade to TiviMate premium anytime in order to get access to more international channels and greater convenience.


Using TiviMate, you can do away with the conventional TV viewing experience. The new era of streaming services may radically alter how you watch television. TiviMate is expanding daily due to its excellent user reviews and remarkable features. Use TiviMate to continue enjoying the best TV!