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TiviMate User Agent [Setup + List] 2024

  • If your EPG and Channels are loading but not playing then you can try updating the User Agent in TiviMate Settings.
  • Go to Settings > Advanced > User-Agent. By default it’s blank. Simply enter the user agent and Press Proceed.
  • It solely depends on your M3U providers. For example, you can enter ExoPlayer, Dalvik 2.1.0 or IPTVSmartersPlayer.
TiviMate User agent

Tivimate Premium has been gaining popularity worldwide throughout the past months. It is because of the immense features and benefits it provides to its consumers. However, what people may not know is the great aspect of TiviMate user agent functionality.

Through the TiviMate user agent, you can help yourself have a seamless streaming experience as well as overcome all the problems you face with EPG or your devices. Let us go through the intricacies of TiviMate user agent and how it helps you have a smooth TV watching experience with its massive TiviMate Channel list.

Let us go through a simple and easy guide to let you know how to solve such a problem as soon as possible.

What is TiviMate User Agent?

Considering HTTP requests and web browsers, a User agent is a very significant thing. Generally, a user agent is a string of text which displays the type of software agent; which creates requests for the server. A user agent is necessary for not only TiviMate, yet for every application with features, whether you use a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet etc.

For those of you who are fond of TiviMate’s IPTV services, a user agent is an identifier which conveys information of a device in use with the IPTV servers. In order to use TiviMate with full functionality, it is necessary to know the importance of a TiviMate user agent.

Basically, a User Agent is a line of text which includes the following information:

  • Application version
  • Device type and model
  • Operating system/ Software.

A user agent with all these vitals will communicate with the IPTV servers to provide you with the best of features of TiviMate.

How to Setup a TiviMate User Agent?

It is not at all a challenging process to create a User Agent. In fact, your application will automatically generate a user agent for you when you sign up with your device. Meanwhile, some advanced consumers can also create user agents of their own through manual customization.

To change a user agent, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose the Advanced option
  • Search for the user-agent option. Enter here.
  • Press Proceed.

You can try these TiviMate User Agents:

  • ExoPlayer
  • Dalvik 2.1.0
  • IPTVSmartersPlayer
TiviMate user agent feature is only available for Premium users.

When you should change the User Agent?

When User Agent set to default, you can become the victim of Geoblocking. For those of you who may not know, geo-blocking means restriction of some content in your IPTV services depending on your geographic location. However, having the right user agent can help you get rid of these restrictions and enjoy a good TV watching experience.

However, it’s important to understand that if you’re unable to stream some of the content, then it’s not always the User Agent issue. It’s very unlikely that you face this issue for normal users. You should first perform other solutions like Reinstalling the app, Clearing the cache and using VPN.

It is also critical to use user agent option responsibly. If a certain user agent is not used for TiviMate, you may face problems such as Error code 401 and playback problems.


No matter how perfect a TiviMate may work on its own, it is always dependent on some things. The most important ones are the internet, a good device and a TiviMate user agent. Without a user agent, you may never be able to see the shows you want to or watch the matches you die for. Therefore, a reliable user agent is significant for one to have a wonderful IPTV experience.